E-Cube Leadership

The E-Cube Leadership Framework

The E-Cube Leadership Assessment helps in measuring the levels of Empathy, Exuberance and Execution traits in you. Plotting it in a three-dimensional graph, shown above, will let us know the kind of leader you are. You could reside in any of the 8 cubes in the E-cube framework. You may imagine these cubes as individual rooms stacked in a three-dimensional space.  It would be interesting to know in which room you belong.

Below is a list of statements about our behaviours in our work setting. Read each statement carefully, and using the following scale, decide the extent to which it applies to you.

The purpose of this assessment is to gather accurate information. Please answer the questions by clicking on the options that best describe you.  Be honest as possible.  Your first thought is possibly the most accurate.  

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I am open to learning new skills and adapting to changing circumstances.

2 / 36

I energize team members during meetings and discussions to keep them lively and engaging.

3 / 36

I actively seek feedback to improve my interpersonal skills.

4 / 36

I openly address issues related to bias and discrimination within the team.

5 / 36

I create opportunities and allow team members to make mistakes for them to learn and improve

6 / 36

I exhibit enthusiasm even when faced with difficult or monotonous tasks.

7 / 36

I set clear goals and objectives for the team and follow through.

8 / 36

I am often the “life of the party” in work-related events, boosting team morale.

9 / 36

I ensure that all team members are included and valued in decision-making processes.

10 / 36

I actively invest time in acquiring new knowledge and skills relevant to my role.

11 / 36

I actively listen to team members’ concerns and viewpoints without interruption.

12 / 36

I seek innovative ways to optimize processes and enhance efficiency.

13 / 36

I like to organize and participate in team-building events and trips that foster a sense of enjoyment.

14 / 36

I review and evaluate progress objectively to ensure goals are being met.

15 / 36

I often make decisions that prioritize collaboration and are reached through consensus.

16 / 36

I express genuine appreciation for all my team members’ contributions and efforts.

17 / 36

I find it hard to induce humor and lightheartedness to diffuse tense situations and create a positive atmosphere.

18 / 36

I proactively address conflicts and misunderstandings within the team by listening to both sides and having open discussions.

19 / 36

I dress for the occasion and like to project a powerful executive presence.

20 / 36

I find it difficult to delegate tasks and responsibilities to my team members.

21 / 36

I demonstrate a strong sense of ownership and responsibility.

22 / 36

I like coaching my team members and guiding them to enhance their skills and realize their fullest potential.

23 / 36

I seek and respond to the individual needs and aspirations of my team members.

24 / 36

I prioritize compassion and relationships over logic in my decision-making process. My heart rules my head.

25 / 36

I thrive in the spotlight, grabbing any opportunity to be on stage to share my knowledge and experience through engaging presentations. 

26 / 36

I communicate and engage with energy and enthusiasm, to inspire and captivate attention.

27 / 36

I prefer to get into every little details and be in control of the team.

28 / 36

I find it difficult to consistently follow through on commitments and hold others accountable.

29 / 36

I prioritize logic and data-driven insights over compassion in my decision-making process. My head rules the heart.

30 / 36

I like working on new ideas and approaches that can infuse excitement into the team’s work.

31 / 36

I am willing to counsel my team members as I possess a keen sensitivity to their needs and emotions.

32 / 36

I encourage the team to have some fun at work and ensure a balance between work and enjoyment in the team’s daily activities.

33 / 36

I approach all tasks with enthusiasm and energy, regardless of their nature.

34 / 36

I consistently find ways to inject positivity and excitement into team activities.

35 / 36

I enjoy critically analyzing situations and problems.

36 / 36

I find it difficult to manage my emotions, and sometimes fly off the handle, especially during challenging situations.


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