I can only dream of a time when all the people of India from north to south, east to west live in harmony, with no divisive thoughts, no religious differences, no language superiority and no caste bias. It is utopian but I like to dream.

The general elections are going on in our country now. Our politicians have cast their nets, baiting people using religion, caste, language and fake promises.  The political campaign seems very promising for the gullible, but the question is would it provide the development our country needs?

During every election, all of us are drawn to a polling booth which would mostly be a government school nearby. The school from where we cast our votes symbolizes the growth of our country.  

Have we thought, at least for the moment while we stand in the queue, that our responsibility is to elect the right person, who is educated, empathetic and impartial?

Is it wrong to dream of an India where people exercise their rights and elect people not based on their personal bias and fake propaganda but based on critical thinking and research?

polling in India

An AI-generated picture from perchance.org; Prompt: An Indian election polling booth, in a government school where Indian people of all ages are standing in queue to cast their votes. monochrome

Cause of Political Differences

In recent years, I have observed that people are highly divided by political differences not caused by the political parties’ lack of governance or development mindset but more by their religious stance.

The growth in religious beliefs is not an indicator of the growth of a country. We need to understand that the growth of any religion is inversely proportional to the growth of critical thinkers.  

The scarcity of critical thinkers is the reason for the growth of pseudo-science which is detrimental to scientific research and innovation.

Is it wrong to dream of an India where we have more critical thinkers and free thinkers, who would focus only on solving the problems of our people in Education, Healthcare, Environment, Employment and Infrastructure?

Faith and Belief

I have heard people say, “My religion is not a religion; it is a way of life”. Every religion is based on the faith people have based on Religious Books, Scriptures and Stories.

All we need to ask is that in this faith, do we have stories and events that are magical, fantasy-oriented, which seem not credible like transforming water to wine?

Does your faith make inferences without empirical evidence like the creation of the universe?

Does your faith have a god-man or a god-woman like the millions in India?

Are we willing to fight and die for this faith?

Well, then it is a religion that you follow.

Is it wrong to dream of an India where our people can understand the difference between faith and belief?

Governance sans religion

Why would any country need religion for governance? Is it to divide and rule? It could be a great strategy to win votes in a so-called democracy.

I strongly believe that religion is a personal choice. Once we leave our homes we are Indians, not Christians, Hindus or Muslims.

Contrary to popular belief, religion does not complement science and strategy, only critical thinking, strategic thinking and creative thinking do.

Is it wrong to dream of an India where the government does not participate in any religious event and focuses only on the real problems of our country?

Mistaken Priorities

Would you agree with me if I say that civic sense is more important than religious-based rituals and traditions? When you step out of your home, moving from personal space to public space, to the streets and the roads, one would realize the need for a better civic sense in people.

The road rages, spitting on roads, not giving the right to way, inconsiderate parking, and revelrous noisy or silent religious processions blocking our way is an everyday experience.  

Do we need a religion to teach good values to our children?

Is it wrong to move to a better culture non-affiliated to any religion, where people respect each other and are compassionate, rather than follow a culture deeply rooted in any religion?

Is it wrong to dream of an India where our culture is deeply rooted in compassion and empathy and not in any religion?

The future of India

The children of tomorrow would dream of an India, where elections are fought based on development initiatives, compassionate health care, robust Infrastructure growth and quality education for all. Think, why do we need a religion to achieve any of this? It only divides. Is it wrong to dream of a better India?

My intention in writing this blog is not to hurt any religious sentiments but only to make us think.

What is the India that you dream of?

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Rupakula Ravindra · April 22, 2024 at 11:11 am

A thought provoking blog indeed! Achieving the ideal state in all probability will remain a dream! On one hand we have religions going all out to convert the poor, gullible sections of the population using the huge donations they get from abroad. Another religion unwilling to change their mindset even a bit, resisting change in every aspect. You have politicians pampering various sections of population for votes. You have the majority religion even sharply divided over caste, reservation etc with every group hankering for inclusion in the reservation category! Nothing wrong in dreaming and hoping for change! In fact I am an eternal optimist and I am sure things will change albeit slowly, painfully slow progress!

Your Friend · April 24, 2024 at 9:08 pm

Fair thoughts but as I’m past the mid day sun…I know it’s wishful thinking…beautiful though

Manodivya · April 24, 2024 at 9:53 pm

Future India must be a secular and democratic country. Religion is slowly engraved in the minds of people . Only selfless politicians could bring unity and peace about from religion.

Chris · April 25, 2024 at 5:57 pm

You have stated what sensible Indians have in their minds. However, the present leadership appeals to the worst in human beings. Please see https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpos.2022.951236/full

Rajasekharan · April 26, 2024 at 8:39 am

Humanity is first required. Religion is what created by men to divide and rule. Well said article and definitely we can dream of a world without religion and hopefully coming generation would understand this to create a better world to live .

Madhumita V · April 26, 2024 at 11:46 pm

You’ve rightly pointed out the unnecessary entanglement of religion in politics today. Despite India being declared secular under the constitution, this unfortunate reality persists. It is crucial for a diverse nation like India to focus on unity, progress, and the well-being of ALL its citizens, regardless of religious affiliations. We need such visionary leaders in power, supported by administrators who also staunchly uphold those values. Citizens should be encouraged to voice what they need and hold wrongdoers accountable. With these in place, utopia becomes attainable. Hopefully in India, too. Your thoughts have certainly provoked reflection on important matters. Keep sharing your insights and fostering dialogue!

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